About the Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI)

The intramural Genomics Research and Development Initiative ( GRDI ) funds genomics research in eight federal science departments and agencies. It supports innovation and evidence-based regulatory, policy, and resource management decisions. It focuses on areas where government is best able to address issues important to Canadians. Government priorities and the needs of end users drive the GRDI.

The GRDI funds research projects in individual departments and agencies as well as two large shared priority projects to address issues that are beyond the mandates of single organizations. An Innovation Management Strategy was developed to facilitate relationships within these shared projects. It provides common approaches in areas such as intellectual property, data management, material transfers, or publications. The GRDI complies with the federal Open Government Directive to maximize access to federally funded scientific research.

Since 1999, the  GRDI  has advanced research in health; areas that provide the foundation of Canada's economy: agricultureforestryaquaculture/fisheries; and environment. It has leveraged resources and expertise through wide networks of national and international collaborations. Users that benefit from this research within government include the scientific community; regulators; policy makers; decision makers; inspectors on the ground who implement surveillance and monitoring programs; border agents; trade negotiators; or international regulatory agencies adopting novel approaches. Users that benefit from this research outside government include industry stakeholders looking for a competitive edge; needing to adapt to policy changes; are engaged in international trade; or suppliers of food, agricultural and forestry products.