Advanced genomics strategies to capture novel genetic diversity for oilseed crop improvement


Funding period: 2017-2019
Lead: Kevin Rozwadowski
Total GRDI funding: $1,073,510

Exploiting genetic variation is the central tenet of plant breeders in their efforts to optimise germplasm for yield, quality traits and sustainable production in the face of biotic and abiotic stresses. However, there is a lack of variation in the current germplasm that limits the ability of breeders to effectively address new production challenges. To accelerate genetic improvement of canola there is a strategic need to define the genomic nature of available variations, identify favourable alleles, and enable marker-based selection of desirable traits. By overcoming barriers that inhibit genetic recombination, targeted gene modification can be facilitated to enable the recovery of desired traits. With an understanding of genetic variations and the tools to enable them, genetic improvement will be faster and will secure the sustainable production and profitability of canola crops.

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