BioTools for the predictive genomics of priority foodborne pathogens


Funding period: 2014-2019
Lead: Vic Gannon
Total GRDI funding: $722,255

Predictive genomics assessed phenotypes from raw genome sequence data. We build on the pilot platform that we developed for Escherichia coliand add modules for Salmonella entericaand Campylobacter jejuni. The platform facilitates the upload of sequences from public or private users and integrates sequence data and analysis tools for all publicly available genomes. Specific analyses include the identification of virulence and antimicrobial resistance determinants, epidemiological associations, clade-specific genome markers in bacterial populations, and in silico molecular types. These near real-time analyses of thousands of genome sequences provide results that are understandable and useful to a wide community, including those in the fields of clinical medicine, epidemiology, ecology, and evolution.

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