Development of a genomics biomarker to provide mechanistic context and data in support of human relevance for chemicals inducing cellular stress responses


Funding period: 2014-2019
Lead: Carole Yauk
Total GRDI funding: $1,075,000

Health Canada evaluates the health effects of thousands of chemicals found in the Canadian marketplace. Traditional tools used to evaluate toxicity are time consuming and expensive. Regulators need less expensive and faster approaches to help meet their regulatory responsibilities. In this project, scientists are developing and validating timesaving and more effective risk assessment methods to predict whether a chemical causes DNA damage or other adverse genetic effects. The team has published several peer review papers and reports, including a book chapter, which describe how this research has been applied to the risk assessment context. Data from this research contributed to a submission to the US Food and Drug Administration's biomarker qualification program to validate these genomic tools.

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