Food and Water Safety (FWS)


Funding period: 2011-2016
Lead: Sabah Bidawid, HC
Total GRDI funding: $7,567,727

Bringing together 53 scientists and their teams from 6 departments/agencies and 148 collaborators, the Food and Water Safety team was the largest and most ambitious collaborative research project of federal laboratories to enhance food and water safety through genomics. The team worked to reduce the risks to Canadians from acute bacterial foodborne and waterborne illness that are estimated to cost Canada more than $12 billion annually. It developed an integrated federal system to manage, store and provide open access to genomic data of verotoxigenic E. coli and Salmonella Enteritidis for detection and characterization from a variety of food, water and environmental matrices. It also developed methods that reduce isolation-detection turnaround times from more than 5 days to less than 8 hours and improve the identification of pathogen sources. This achievement will significantly increase Canada's ability to respond to pathogen outbreaks.

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