Gene-for-Gene Mediated Resistance to Midge in Canola and Wheat


Funding period: 2017-2019
Lead: Martin Erlandson
Total GRDI funding: $211,000

Billions of dollars are removed from the Canadian economy by insects that damage field and vegetable crops. Recent advances in the understanding of host plant-pest interactions and insect genomics has led to the development of exciting new alternatives to chemical insecticides, including crop plant resistance genes and genomic-based approaches that specifically target vital pest genes. The swede midge is a serious pest of brassica vegetables and canola in Ontario and Quebec and the orange blossom wheat midge is a serious threat to Canadian wheat production. The objective of this project is to develop a genomics database for both pests and to investigate their interaction with host crop plants at the molecular level. The long term goal of this project is to develop resistant crop varieties.

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