Identification of biomarkers for the standardization and risk assessment analysis of mesenchymal stem cell based health products


Funding period: 2014-2019
Lead: Michael Rosu-Myles
Total GRDI funding: $1,316,000

Stem cells have tremendous potential to treat diseases for which there are currently no cures but their use is not without risk. In this project, scientists are developing diagnostic tools to enable a thorough evaluation of the risks and benefits associated with the therapeutic use of human mesenchymal stem cells, a type of adult stem cell. This research has led to the development of a Health Canada guidance document, which is helping industry and health care professionals comply with regulatory requirements. The team has identified two new biomarkers that could be useful for evaluating the capacity of human mesenchymal stem cells for treating diabetes. It has also generated a list of potential biomarkers identifying mesenchymal stem cells that are both safe and effective for treating immune disorders. These biomarkers will be used in the evaluation of stem cell-based health products.

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