PulseNet Canada: Model framework development for genomic technology delivery in a laboratory network


Funding period: 2015-2019
Lead: Celine Nadon
Total GRDI funding: $285,000

PulseNet Canada is the national molecular subtyping network for foodborne disease surveillance. This program provides real-time information that enables the detection of outbreaks and their source at the earliest possible stage. To date, PulseNet Canada has relied almost exclusively on a single test method: pulsed field gel electrophoresis, considered the international gold standard for nearly two decades. In 2013 the PulseNet Canada steering committee drafted a plan for the development and implementation of genomics within its network. Most PulseNet Canada partners (comprising microbiologists, epidemiologists, managers, and regulators) will require education in genomics before it can be adopted network-wide. The primary objective of this project is to design and develop a translation framework encompassing all aspects of genomics in the context of PulseNet Canada. Knowledge translation will ensure that the transition of national surveillance to genomics technology occurs smoothly.

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