Targeting resistance and susceptibility genes and dissecting infection mechanisms through genomics for durable Fusarium and rust resistance in cereals


Funding period: 2017-2019
Lead: Linda Harris
Total GRDI funding: $1,144,509

The sustainability of the Canadian cereal crop sector depends on high yielding, high quality grain with minimal pathogen and mycotoxin contamination. Fusarium head blight and rust continue to be top priority threats for Canadian cereal producers. Resistant cereals are required to prevent devastating losses as seen recently in Western Canada. Through AAFC's established multidisciplinary network (breeding, genetics, genomics, proteomics, pathology, tissue culture, metabolomics and mycotoxin chemistry), we are mapping novel sources of fusarium and rust resistance, and are investigating fusarium infection mechanisms, regulation of mycotoxin production and fusarium species interactions. The goal is to develop durable fungal resistance in cereal crops to sustain the profitability of Canada's agriculture.

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