Success stories

Researchers working on the Food and Water Safety project funded by the Genomics R&D Initiative developed the bioinformatics capacity needed to ensure Canadians enjoy the full potential of genomics to enhance the safety of Canada's food supply.
Research funded through the Genomics R&D Initiative is helping to overcome a major hurdle on the way to realizing the huge potential of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to treat a wide range of ailments.
With the support of funding from the Genomics R&D Initiative, scientists have refined an existing DNA bar code test, providing a highly accurate way to distinguish quarantine insect species from similar-looking but harmless species. This helps to ensure Canadian agricultural exports are not refused unnecessarily, and invasive species do not enter Canada by mistake.
Canadian researchers, supported by the Genomics R&D Initiative, have developed a faster and more effective test for drug resistance in HIV—an achievement recognized as a significant contribution to the global effort to eradicate AIDS.
With funding provided through the Genomics R&D Initiative, researchers at Health Canada are using genomics technologies to study how exposure to certain chemicals can cause people to develop an allergy to something that has never bothered them before.
Research funded by the Genomics R&D Initiative will help to reduce the risk posed by listeriosis—the foodborne illness responsible for the deaths of 24 Canadians during an outbreak in 2008.
Funding from the Genomics R&D Initiative played a key role in enabling the development of new, genomics-based test that significantly reduces the time and cost involved in tracking the source of Salmonella contamination in the food supply.