Reports and evaluations


Annual reports

The GRDI produces annual performance reports according to its horizontal Performance Measurement Strategy Framework.

These documents present the GRDI profile and relevance to government objectives and priorities. They provide an overview of its performance framework, including its Logic Model and related tables of performance indicators. They report on progress with summary narratives of achievements and summary statistics of scientific outputs.


Independent evaluations are conducted periodically to assess the performance and relevance of the GRDI with regard to its targeted outcomes.

Impact Evaluation - 2016

Another independent impact evaluation of the GRDI completed in 2016 used multiple lines of evidence (document review, key informant interviews, case studies). The evaluation confirmed that the initiative was consistent with government priorities, was successful in developing innovative knowledge and technologies and influencing evidence-based public policy, and exceeded productivity targets. It also confirmed that GRDI projects had successfully transferred knowledge and technologies to end users, both internal and external to the federal government. The evaluation found evidence that GRDI-funded projects are expected to have real and lasting impacts leading to billions of dollars in benefits over the longer-term. The evaluation also found that the initiative was efficient and effective, that shared priority projects have achieved significant results, and that there is a continued need for this type of interdepartmental collaboration. For more information, please consult the executive summary of the review.

Impact Evaluation – 2011

An independent impact evaluation of the GRDI completed in 2010 considered feedback from close to 160 individuals in Canadian governmental organizations (federal, provincial, and municipal), universities, private companies, not-for-profit organizations and international organizations. The evaluation findings recognized the considerable contributions of the GRDI to the development and application of new research methods, techniques, standard operating protocols and overall approaches. They confirmed that research met the needs of main stakeholders, both internal and external to participating departments and agencies. All lines of evidence provided strong support that the Initiative has positioned GRDI researchers as important contributors to genomics research at the national and international levels, and that it generated results not achieved by the other genomics R&D conducted in Canada.

Formative Review - 2006

The first independent evaluation completed in 2006 found the initiative both successful and relevant in delivering well-managed credible research for policy, regulation and other government decisions. The evaluation confirmed that the GRDI was successful in increasing the capacity of federal science departments to carry out genomics research. It also concluded to the legitimate and necessary role for government in genomics R&D, and to the complementing nature of GRDI and other federal or provincial initiatives in this area, without overlap or duplication.