Quarantine and Invasive Species (QIS)


Funding period: 2011-2016
Lead: Patrice Bouchard, AAFC
Total GRDI funding: $7,916,196

Bringing together 29 scientists and their teams from 6 departments/agencies and 285 collaborators, the Quarantine and Invasive Species team developed faster and more accurate ways to detect and identify the origin of species with the potential to cause millions of dollars in economic losses and irreversible environmental damage. It developed and applied innovative DNA extraction protocols and an extensive reference database of DNA barcodes for thousands of pests and pathogens that can damage food crops, including from old collection specimens. Accurate identification is essential. Different species can look remarkably alike and even experts can have difficulty saying which is which. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada provides over 10,000 identifications and responds to over 1,000 requests for assistance in identification annually. The innovative DNA extraction protocols and extensive DNA barcode reference database that resulted from the QIS work are invaluable to enhance Canada's capacity for science-based decision making to secure access to global markets, avoid irreversible environmental damage, and ease the regulatory burden for Canadian producers.

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