Shared priority projects


The Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI) established a new way of doing research for addressing issues of importance to Canadians, through shared priority projects. These projects enable scientists in different departments to reach out to one another and combine their expertise to address issues that are beyond the mandates of single departments.

The GRDI shared priority projects mobilize the best research capacity in federal laboratories to address strategic government priorities.

Current shared priority projects

Past shared priority projects

GRDI Federal departments and agencies


The first two large-scale shared priority research projects (2011-2016), the Quarantine and Invasive Species (QIS) project and the Food and Water Safety (FWS) project have performed beyond expectations.

They received the 2016 Public Service Award of Excellence for scientific contribution in recognition for their outstanding work. They successfully demonstrated the ability of federal departments and agencies to work effectively together, leverage their research capacity and expertise, add value to existing resources, and build strong partnerships to deliver stronger results for Canadians than they could ever have had managed on their own.

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